My Son: Characteristics and Current Needs

My Son: Characteristics and Current Needs

So I introduced you all to my son in the last post. I just wanted to discuss him again in regards to how things are in the present.

Like I mentioned before, my son has made a ton of improvement when it comes to his speech. Even in the last month or so he has increased his sentence length and usage by a lot. He will continue to be in the special education preschool and see the speech therapist during the day. Last week I was informed that he has some issues with his fine motor skills so he will be seeing the OT as well. This early intervention program has been incredibly wonderful for us in that the help that he needs is free. We definitely would not be able to afford these therapies on our own. I would encourage parents who have cconcerns about their child’s development to go for an evaluation with the early intervention in their town because it will make a world of a difference in your child.

At my son’s last well child appointment with his doctor, I was told that he needs to be seen by the developmental pediatrician for autism testing. She insisted on this because of his interactions with her at the appointment. He was not willing to have a give and take conversation with her or cooperate with her. I can see how someone might think he seems autistic but I still have not made the appointment. Maybe I am in denial? He is very slow to warm up to people that he does not see very much or has not seen before. This is the reason he was acting like this at the appointment.

I just do not know what to do or think. He does have some characteristics of autism ( does not always have give and take conversations, some times uses 3rd person language to refer to himself, is picky about what he eats/how he eats) but I have been waiting for the school district to say something about it to be honest. I feel like my son’s doctor does not think the school knows what they are doing by the way she was talking to me about his development.

I think for now I am just going to wait for the conferences and talk to his teacher about the doctor’s concerns about autism.