Growing Up Strange…Asperger’s/ NVLD

Growing Up Strange…Asperger’s/ NVLD

I am weird. Always have been and always will be.

Since as far back as I can remember I have felt that I do not fit in. Sure I had “friends” in K-12th grade but that does not exclude me from the strange category. In elementary school I had these obsessions that would completely take over my life. For example, at one point I was really, REALLY into basketball cards and kept a large collection of them. I also used the computer to look up each and every single one and wrote down how much they were worth. Those cards were in my thoughts all the time for a good few months.

My social skills were lacking. I would talk on and on about things that no one else really cared about that much. I was a huge X-Files fan from age six so my mother had to endure my monologues about that. When it came to people talking to me, I constantly took things the wrong way and would end up crying a lot because I thought people were mad at me.

I had sensory problems. I  remember times where I would scream and cry for long periods of time and not know how to verbalize what I was feeling. I just knew I felt uncomfortable in every way.

There are a lot more things I could say about my oddness but I do not want to make this post that long. So long story kind of short, I was diagnosed with NVLD (which stands for non verbal learning disorder) in 5th grade. This disorder shares a lot of the same characteristics with Asperger’s but I think I received the NVLD label because of my problems with math. I have read however that the diagnosis can be different depending upon who is doing the diagnosing.

So yes I am weird. To this day I flick my fingers a ton, pull my hair (I know that sounds really strange but I can not help it), have meltdowns when people come to my house and not text me about it first, can not maintain eye contact, interrupt a lot when people are talking to me, get stuck on certain topics, can only handle firm touches etc. Sometimes I wonder if I passed the autism spectrum gene down to my son. My husband also has people in his family on the spectrum. Maybe he really does have autism. Who knows. It is what it is.