Lots of Jobs

Lots of Jobs

I have had lots of jobs in my life. Job hopping is considered a bad thing and makes for a long resume. For that, I am very ashamed. All these jobs involved working with children. I have been a teacher assistant a few times, behavioral therapist, PCA, teacher at a daycare center and a home daycare owner.

I had a hard time fitting in with my coworkers at most of these jobs due to me being weird (see my last posts). Working at the daycare center was particularly painful. I felt like complete shit there and the sensory overload was unreal. It makes me stupid. I hate it. Sometimes I hate being me. I get in the way of myself so much.

I just came to hate working at each of these jobs and desperately wanted to quit them. People tell me that I need to stick with jobs for a long time and that there are parts of everyone’s jobs that they hate. I know this is the truth and I tried keeping that in mind but I ultimately quit anyways.

My very last job was me running a daycare out of my home. I picked this because I wanted to work for myself and by myself. However, I chose to quit after 2.5 years. This was the longest I have ever stayed at a job though so I think that means that having my own business is the way to go. I am a stay at home mom right now but I need to look to the future and think about what I want to do job wise.


Thanks for reading!