Mall Madness- Fun Times With Kids

Mall Madness- Fun Times With Kids

Anyone remember this game? I bet women who were tweens in the late 80s remember it! Things from the 80s and early 90s are considered to be “vintage” by some these days which is strange to me. When I think of the word “vintage” the image of a necklace from the 1920s pops into my head-not this girly board game! Nevertheless, this game is old but that does not mean it is not enjoyable (Monopoly is even older!).

Okay, so what even is this game?

Mall Madness is game targeted towards young females. The version I have is from 1996 but the very first one came out in 1988. The game play is simple- be the first person to buy six items and make it out to your car. Each player gets a certain color girl figure, money, a credit card and card that has stores listed on them. Once you buy something from a store, you put a peg next to the store to keep track.

The one I have is electronic and the voice gives instructions that include how many steps each player is to take, where the sales/clearances are and if the players need to go to the bank. When the players are at the bank they are to place the credit cards into the slots and it will say if they have to give up or take money. The computer voice will also instruct players to send other players to the arcade/pizza shop/ice cream shop, to go to the restrooms or to go back out to their car because the lights were left on.

Family fun!

I was born in 1988 so I was obviously not able to play this game when it first came out. I vaguely remember a commercial for it when I was about seven and thought it looked fun. When I was thinking of fun games I could get for my step daughters this one popped into my head. I looked it up on ebay, found one that was a good price and then bought it right away!

We had so much fun playing this together. One of my step daughters is only six so she needed a little extra help with things but it was still a great time. They both are such girly girls so this game is right up their alley. I will definitely be trying to find another  “vintage” game that they have not heard of so that we can play together. Since they are only here four days out of the month I try to make things fun for them.