Having Braces

Having Braces

I have braces…again! When I was in my early 20s I saw some adults that had braces on and I thought it would be embarrassing if I ever had to wear them again. Well here I am with them on in my early 30s! I wanted to give my account of the orthodontic treatments I have undergone in my life.

My first set of braces

So I had jacked up teeth as a little kid. Like really, really jacked up. They were crooked, I had gaps in a few places and I even had a weird peg tooth on my top row. The dentist ended up having to remove a couple of teeth for whatever reason.

When I was twelve years old I got braces put on. I was excited to get my teeth straightened because I was so self conscience about the way I looked. I had them on for about three years and my teeth looked awesome after I got them off.

I hated the fact that I had to wear a metal retainer all of the time. However, I did so faithfully because I was determined to make my results last. I did feel gross taking them out to eat in front of my friends at lunch time though.


At around 24 I lost my retainer. For some reason I thought that my teeth would be fine. Boy was I wrong. A large gap formed in between my top two teeth, two gaps formed on my bottom teeth and four bottom teeth jutted up higher than the others. Ugh!

I found out about Invisalign and went in for a free consultation for them. Regular braces were the last thing I wanted at that time. They said I would be a good candidate for them and then about 8 weeks later I got my first of thirteen trays to wear.

This cost me $5600 which I was not happy having to pay but I really wanted straight teeth. Eating fast so that I could have the trays in for most of the day was really easy for me to do. I was so excited to see my teeth looking really good after five trays had gone by.

At the end of my treatment I noticed that I still had a small triangle shaped gap at the top of my two front teeth. This did bother me a little but I ended up signing the contract anyways saying that I was happy with my treatment. They put a retainer behind my bottom teeth and sent me on my way with a clear retainer tray for my top teeth.

The present

Despite wearing my retainer on my top teeth a lot and having the permanent retainer attached to my bottom teeth, my teeth still shifted. I ended up with a big gap in between my top two teeth again, more gaps in my bottom teeth and overjetting. Needless to say I was pissed!

I decided to go in for a free consultation with another orthodontist in town. He was very nice and told me that regular braces would be a better option for my case. I had to go home and think about it because I really did not want to have to go that route again.

After going to the store one day and seeing several adults with regular braces I decided that I wanted them. I went back to the new orthodontist the next week to get impressions taken. Seven weeks later I got clear braces put on! This orthodontic treatment cost was $4500. Again, I was not happy having to pay that much but I want these teeth straight!

So as of right now I have had my braces on for twenty months. I am not sure when I will be getting them off but it makes me happy to see that the gap in my top two front teeth are COMPLETLY closed this time and not with some annoying little triangle at the top. Also, instead of getting clear bands so as to not bring too much attention to my mouth I have gotten different colors at the last few appointments. Currently I have purple bands and I do not care what anyone says or thinks!

If you are an adult and want to straighten your teeth, do not feel bad about getting regular braces instead of Invisalign. They look pretty cute and a lot of adults are getting them these days!