Makeup Artist’s Choice Haul

Makeup Artist’s Choice Haul

I am so excited! In my other post I talked about having renewed hope that my skin can get better. I also mentioned that I was going to start doing weekly lactic acid peels. Well, my order came from Makeup Artist’s Choice already and I can not wait to get started on this new skin regimen!

The products I got

For this order I purchased 2 OZ of the 40% lactic acid peel, .5 OZ of the 55% lactic acid peel, 2 OZ of the body peels and their PH Prep Solution. I decided to start with the lowest percentage of the lactic acid peel because I have not done them for a long time and need to ease into it. After six weeks at that percentage I plan to move up to the 55%.

I want to clear up the skin on my body as well so that is why I bought the body peel. It has five different acids in it which include mandelic, salicylic, lactic, glycolic and citric. All of these hyperpigmentation marks need to go!

What I want to get next

After I get done with these two lactic acid peels, I think I will get the highest percentage that the company has of it. I will start that one after taking a few weeks off of doing the lower percentage peels.

I think that the glycolic peels will be something I use after the lactic. Even though they are not as good for hyperpigmentation, I believe that they will do something good for my skin.

When it comes to the body peel, I will probably get another bottle of it. I am pretty sure I will need more peels done after I finish the bottles I have. Hyperpigmentation is so darn hard to treat!

This is a great company

I would highly recommend checking out this skin care company. They have a lot of good products and they ship things fast. Even though not everything on their site has helped me, I will still buy stuff from them.

I think my problem has been consistency. With hyperpigmentation/melisma, one needs to really stick with a routine for a long time to get results. This is really unfortunate but it is the reality of treating this skin issue.