Interracial Dating and OK Cupid

Interracial Dating and OK Cupid

These days there are so many interracial couples around. There are certainly some of us who are totally against people of two different races dating but it will most likely become more common than it already has.  Also, the way in which we find people to date is changing right along with the amount of time we spend on our phones, computers and tablets/ipads.

Growing up

Back when I was a little kid, I would often fantasize about being married with kids when I became an adult. The man I was married to would always be African American (like myself) and a doctor. Our house would be large, immaculate and spectacularly decorated.

As I got older I realized that this was most likely not going to happen. My relationship that I daydreamed about were just foolish scenes that I concocted in my young mind. My heart was broken by this and I no longer knew what kind of fantasy I could escape to.

The reality

When I looked around at a lot of the African American males around my age, I saw that they wanted to be with Caucasian females. After all they are the standard of beauty and I am the complete opposite of that.

The way Caucasian females look is not the only thing that is considered more attractive. It is also their alleged demeanor and personality. I was bombarded with the negative stereotypes of African American females which include all of us being angry, argumentative, not into pleasing our men, loud, fat, having ugly facial features etc.

I felt that I would never get married at all which caused a deep hatred for myself. The little attention I got from males was always from Caucasian ones. This made me feel that I was probably going to end up marrying a male of the opposite race.

Then came OK Cupid

I got to about 22 years old and was unhappy with the fact that I did not have a romantic relationship with a male yet. My mother suggested trying out dating sites. I never imagined myself having to go that route when it came to finding someone to date but it seemed like that was my only hope.

After looking at several dating sites I decided to go with OK Cupid. I set up a profile with some random picture of myself. It was not very good but I could not find a better one at the time. I did not get my hopes up about finding someone because I knew that I was on the low end of the totem pole when it came to dating.

Surprisingly, I was flooded with messages from men in the first week.  One of those men is now my husband! He is Caucasian and I am African American. Is this kind of coupling seen as strange or bad in the eyes of some? Yes it is. Do we care? No, we absolutely do not. Love is love.

Would I recommend online dating? Is interracial dating something to be apprehensive about?

Yes I would recommend online dating. Years ago it was looked down upon. Since people are always on the internet these days, it is a good choice for finding romantic relationships. Not everyone is lucky enough to have met someone to date in their daily lives. If you are one of those people, signing up for a dating site is a great idea.

In terms of interracial dating, I think people should consider it if the opportunity presents itself. It is my opinion that one should not turn down someone they have feelings for just because they are of a different race. Go for it!


Have any of you dated interracially and/or done online dating?