Dorm Room Workout Memories

Dorm Room Workout Memories

The only thing I really liked about college was my dorm room that I had for a year. It was in one of the new dorm buildings and was a single suite. that meant that I had my very own room and shared a bathroom with one other girl.

I ended up having to use the bathroom on the first floor and showering at the fitness center locker room a lot. This was because the girl was into being glamorous all the time which involved a lengthy makeup and hair styling routine.

I am not knocking anyone who likes putting on makeup everyday. In fact, I wish I was good at applying it myself.

There were days during this time in my life when I did not want to walk to the fitness center. This was due to the weather or because I just did not feel like it. Because of this, if I wanted to workout I would have to do something that wouldn’t take up much space.

Then came Pilates!

Mari Winsor: Pilates
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I saw this DVD on a trip to Walmart one day back then. Pilates was not something I knew anything about but the idea of getting a sculpted body made me want to buy it.

It was really cold and snowy the day I decided to try it out for the first time. I probably looked ridiculous because I had no idea what I was doing and had to keep pausing it to get in the right position.

After I finished the full workout, I felt really refreshed and light. It did cause a little bit of sweating but obviously not as much as other types of workouts. I was hooked regardless.

I ended up doing this DVD regularly in my dorm room and I can honestly say that I noticed more muscle definition in my abdominal area. This was after only two months.

I am contemplating doing it again once in a while. The whole workout is free on YouTube so I would highly recommend it for other people to try too.

Resistance Band Workouts

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At the same time I bought the Pilates DVD, I also bought a heavy resistance band. I did not know much about this kind of workout either but the pictures on the box made it look good.

The first time I tried using it was the day after I did the Pilates workout. I scoured the internet for a resistance band full body workout beforehand. There was no shortage of them!

I don’t recall the exact exercises I did but I remember that they were tough. It was not any easier than workouts with actual weights. I felt just as much of a burn and had soreness the next day.

Resistance bands are a wonderful choice for those with small spaces or who want a different kind of workout. They also cost less than buying a bunch of dumbbells.

It is fun to look back on things

I like thinking about the past once in a while. The good and bad times have made me who I am today. I have come a long way mentally, physically and socially from my college days.