Health and Fitness Magazine Obsession

Health and Fitness Magazine Obsession

Lots of magazines on shelves

I was waiting in line at the grocery store the other day and saw a magazine stand that is typical of checkout lines to have. The magazines are always there but for whatever reason I paid attention to them more this time. Memories suddenly came flying back in my head after reading their titles.

My love of magazines started early

I remember back when I was around eight years old, I came across my dad’s magazines that were about running (he ran marathons). This was not really an interest of mine but I decided to start reading them anyways. I eventually found myself pouring through all of them (a huge box full).

It was amazing to me that people could come up with all of the articles I read. I even dreamed about starting my own magazine company when I was older. That clearly did not and was not going to happen but that is okay. A lot of dreams that kids have for their futures do not always come true.

I ended up reading each magazine probably around 20 times. That sounds absolutely crazy looking back on it. I even remember one story word-for-word because it was so haunting. It involved a runner going missing and it still has not been solved to this day (see this case here:

Once my dad got rid of these magazines the obsession went away for a few years.

Cue the start of my interest in Fitness

Once I started getting into regular exercise at my home and gym, I wanted to learn as much as I could about it. I took notice of the health/fitness magazines that were at stores and began to buy them.  The ones I bought were Women’s Health, Health, Shape and Oxygen. 

 At the beginning, being on the cardio machines (elliptical and stair master) was all mainly what I wanted to do in terms of exercise. I would place a magazine on the dashboard and get to work. I did not understand until a little later on that that is not the way to get a good workout in.

I let the magazines keep piling up as I went through my eating disorder phase. The fact that I read them during my college classes (when I should have been listening to the professors) was a sign that things were getting WAY out of hand. 

I do not need them anymore

As I moved out of my eating disorder phase, I also moved out of my health/fitness magazine collecting phase. I realized that they were not crucial in my journey to healthiness. 

The day that I recycled all of them was a step in the right direction for me. I am not knocking anyone that likes to read them but they were unnecessary for me.

I also think that my obsession with the magazines had to do with me being on the autism spectrum. Who knows though!



A Blast From The Past- 30 Minutes To Fitness: Muscle Definition Kelly Coffey Meyer

A Blast From The Past- 30 Minutes To Fitness: Muscle Definition Kelly Coffey Meyer

I was cleaning out my closet and I came across a lot of things from my past (okay not that long ago!). Instead of continuing to clean and organize I found myself just sitting in the middle of the huge pile I made. Memories came flooding in and paralyzed me.

2010: Back to health

This workout DVD pictured above was the start of a turning point in my life. I had just come off of a years worth of disordered eating and exercising. The anorexic voice was still there in my head but it was slowly being shoved away by a newer, healthier voice.

I did not always feel like walking to the fitness center at the college so I decided to do this DVD in my dorm room. From seeing the recommended weights of the dumbbells I thought it was  going to be really easy. I was surprised at how wrong I was.

In this workout DVD there are full body and upper/lower routines to choose from.  The weights are to be from five to twelve pounds. I ended up doing the full body workouts  three times a week for a couple of months using eight and twelve pound dumbbells.

Yes, I know that is not very much weight!

I realize that lifting heavy weights is a wonderful thing to do. However, this was still a great workout that I would totally recommend to other people. I can honestly say that I did get more arm and leg definition doing it.

This is great for someone who wants to work out at home and has a few dumbbells laying around. Do not expect any cardio and a happy, chipper trainer though. She is just there to make sure you get a great workout in.

Maybe I should buy more of her DVDs and make a three month routine out of it? That sounds like a good idea!

Cue the tears

Just seeing this DVD made me well up in tears. A lot of the visions from nine years ago came back to me. It was the time I took my health back. The time I broke free from the disorder that kept me in its strong grasp.

The good and bad memories that came back while I was staring at the cover are important. They are a part of my past and now I have moved forward.

I was feeling lost in life these past few months but finding the DVD filled me with hope and positivity. It showed me that I can do whatever I set my mind to. I have worked hard to get to where I am today so any sense of failure should be sent packing.


If you are reading this and you have been feeling awful about yourself lately, better days are ahead. Trust me. If you need extra help outside of yourself, then make sure and get it. Sometimes it is hard to get going in the right direction but you can get there.

Fitness Blender Review

Fitness Blender Review

I love to find new workouts to do. There seems to be an endless number of them available on the internet. When I came across Fitness Blender I was really excited.

What is Fitness Blender?

Fitness Blender is a an online fitness and health community that was started by Kelli and Daniel Segars (husband and wife). They have both been in the fitness industry for a long time and wanted to help others get fit too!

There site includes a ton of free workout videos to choose from. If you want to search for specific kinds of workouts you are able to filter your search in regards to difficulty, body focus, which trainer you want, training type, duration, equipment needed, and the amount of calories you want to burn. This makes it so much easier to find the video that is right for you on that particular day.

Although the bulk majority of the videos are free, there are also some workout programs they have put together that are for purchase only. They range in length from 2-8 weeks long and costs range from $7.99-$19.99. The programs have different goals allowing users to choose what they want to focus on.

There are also interesting articles about health that one can learn a lot from. These include information on superfoods, lowering cholesterol, health food trends etc. They know that fitness is only one step in the right direction for an overall healthy lifestyle so that is why they include these other things.

In order to showcase the quality of workouts they put out, there is also a section where they post before/after pictures of some of the people that use their workouts. These can inspire others who are trying to get fit and healthy.

My thoughts on Fitness Blender

I love Fitness Blender! The husband and wife duo did such a great job building the community. The site has a wonderful layout that is easy to navigate. Also, the whole look of the site is bright and inviting.

The way that you can go about choosing your workout video is great. There are so many videos to look through so this makes it a lot less overwhelming. It is nice that they have workout programs put together at good prices but you can definitely come up with your own regimen with the free videos.

When I looked through some of the videos, I was really impressed. Just the fact that they are all free is amazing! I appreciate the calorie burn range that is on all of the workouts because I know that we all will burn a different amount.

I decided to try one of their HIIT workouts: Because I am not used to doing a ton of cardio, it was nice I could find one that is not at the highest difficulty level. It was still a super workout though. I was definitely sweating which is awesome considering it is only a 16 minute workout.

So in short, I would highly recommend checking out Fitness Blender if you want to get fit in your own home. As mentioned before, there are so many workouts to choose from and you can find something no matter what level you are at currently. I will be making a regimen out of their videos in the very near future.


Fitness Gadgets

Fitness Gadgets

I have been seeing a lot of people wearing Fitbits. It has gotten me really thinking about just how much our technology keeps changing and getting better. There are so many gadgets out there to help with fitness and health. It is great to see people taking advantage of this to increase the quality of their lives.

I have owned two Polar Heart Rate Monitors. One I bought back in college and the other one I bought about three years ago. I also had a gadget that I put on my arm that monitored my sleep and calories burned throughout the day. These three gadgets were worth their expense because they were really helpful when it came to my goals at that time.

The thing about the Polar Heart Rate Monitors that I owned was that they both just completely quit working after a few months. Even after putting new batteries in them, they still did not work. Other than that they were great. The monitor that I put on my arm was pretty cool too. I realized that I do not sleep very good. Still working on that! It was nice seeing the calories burned throughout the day but I am not sure how accurate that part of it was. I should have gained weight (I did not) during the time I was using it because I was eating more than the calories supposedly burned.

I think on pretty much everyone’s phone they have a step tracker (at least there is one on mine). You put your weight in and then it is able to say how many calories burned as well. I know it is probably not totally accurate but I was surprised at how little calories I burned  when I was at a park for 2 hours and walking the pretty much the whole time. I guess I did not as many steps as I thought. I was actually thinking about doing a challenge to see if I can get in 10,000 steps a day or at least a lot more than what I do get in.

Maybe I will get a Fitbit. We shall see!


Daily Supplements

Daily Supplements

Ever since I got pregnant and gave birth, it seems as though my immune system is not as good and it is also harder to digest things. It could be partially due to getting older too. I have researched things that could help me with these problems and I started taking them a couple a months ago.  Here is a list of things I now take on a daily basis:

  1. Ginger capsules- I take these for digestion and gut health two times a day. I honestly feel like it is working.
  2. Tummy Tune Up- This is a probiotic and I use it for gut health.
  3. Colostrum- This is for my immune system.
  4. Emergen-C drink mix- This is for my immune system.
  5. 50 mg of vitamin B6- This is for nausea and PMS.
  6. Grape juice: I drink one cup of Welch’s 100% Grape Juice for gut and heart health.

Here is a list of what I have my son take everyday:

  1. One Tummy Tune Up
  2. 1 cup of Welch’s 100% Grape Juice
  3. Colostrum
  4. Elderberry gummies
  5. Multivitamin

I also came across articles about how healthy sauerkraut is so I decided to start making my own. I currently have three jars fermenting in a closet and it stinks really bad. Hopefully it turns out okay so that I can stop feeling like I have to buy probiotics (they are not cheap).



New Lifestyle Check In

New Lifestyle Check In

So it has been a week since I started on my journey of fat loss and overall good health. I can honestly say that things are going great. I was a little hungrier than normal on the first two days but then I got used to it. I have been keeping my calories at 1400-1500 and my carbs have been at 80 grams. When it comes to exercise, I followed my plan and had plenty of energy. I was worried that the calorie decrease would hinder my ability to workout but I was wrong.

As mentioned in another post, I get really sick during the fertile window of my menstruation cycle. This time I did not which is really strange. I decided to take an ovulation test I bought a month ago to see if I am even fertile this month and I did get a positive result. Weird! I find it hard to believe that only a week of having  dietary changes could lead to the total disappearance of my fertility window sickness but who knows. I am not going to complain about it!

I highly recommend the Pregmate Ovulation Test Strips if you are trying to get pregnant.