Hyperpigmentation/Melasma Fading Journey: First Day of Chemical Peels

Hyperpigmentation/Melasma Fading Journey: First Day of Chemical Peels

If you have seen my other posts, you know that I have really bad hyperpigmention/melasma that lowers my self esteem. Being African American with brown skin leaves me very susceptible to these dark spots. It is really hard to treat so I feel for everyone that has to deal with it.

I have battled acne since I was 11 years old so that is the cause of a lot of my spots. My chin area and lower part of my face in general  has always been darker than the rest of my face. This is not due to acne so I do not know what to blame it on.

This was my first day doing the lactic acid peel (40%) for my face and the body peel from Makeup Artist’s Choice. I have done peels before so I was not nervous or anything like that. You just have to make sure and stick to the instructions that come with the products so that you can have results.

I started with the body peel first. The areas I focused on were my upper back, chest, shoulders and lower legs. I had my husband apply the peel to my back and shoulders because it is hard to reach those areas. This tingled a little a bit but did not hurt. I left it on for the recommended ten minutes and then took a shower to wash it off.

After my shower, I got out and put regular lotion on instead of the usual glycolic acid lotion I usually use. This is because the skin needs a break from the acid. Preparing for the face peel came next and it involved cleansing my skin and using the ph prep solution (basically a toner). I ended up waiting for thirty minutes after that so that my skin would be completely dry ( you probably only need to wait ten minutes though).

I applied the peel with clean fingers all over my face. It stung a little more than the body peel did but it was nothing I could not handle. I left it on for six minutes for this first time (the company recommends 3-7 minutes). After the six minutes, I cleansed my skin and then used the ph prep solution again.

Since it was only the first day of doing the peels, I have not seen any results. My skin was smooth and “glassy” after them though. I am excited to continue doing these every week and I really hope I have  good results to share soon!

Makeup Artist’s Choice Haul

Makeup Artist’s Choice Haul

I am so excited! In my other post I talked about having renewed hope that my skin can get better. I also mentioned that I was going to start doing weekly lactic acid peels. Well, my order came from Makeup Artist’s Choice already and I can not wait to get started on this new skin regimen!

The products I got

For this order I purchased 2 OZ of the 40% lactic acid peel, .5 OZ of the 55% lactic acid peel, 2 OZ of the body peels and their PH Prep Solution. I decided to start with the lowest percentage of the lactic acid peel because I have not done them for a long time and need to ease into it. After six weeks at that percentage I plan to move up to the 55%.

I want to clear up the skin on my body as well so that is why I bought the body peel. It has five different acids in it which include mandelic, salicylic, lactic, glycolic and citric. All of these hyperpigmentation marks need to go!

What I want to get next

After I get done with these two lactic acid peels, I think I will get the highest percentage that the company has of it. I will start that one after taking a few weeks off of doing the lower percentage peels.

I think that the glycolic peels will be something I use after the lactic. Even though they are not as good for hyperpigmentation, I believe that they will do something good for my skin.

When it comes to the body peel, I will probably get another bottle of it. I am pretty sure I will need more peels done after I finish the bottles I have. Hyperpigmentation is so darn hard to treat!

This is a great company

I would highly recommend checking out this skin care company. They have a lot of good products and they ship things fast. Even though not everything on their site has helped me, I will still buy stuff from them.

I think my problem has been consistency. With hyperpigmentation/melisma, one needs to really stick with a routine for a long time to get results. This is really unfortunate but it is the reality of treating this skin issue.

Skin Update: New Soap and Renewed Hope!

Skin Update: New Soap and Renewed Hope!

For a while now I have been feeling like my skin will never get any better and I should just not even bother trying to reduce some of this hyperpigmentation. Well, I have now decided to have some hope that things can and will get better!

I have been seeing stuff about using turmeric to get rid of hyperpigmentation so I decided to look up soap containing it on Amazon. I have been using it for a few days now and I am hoping that maybe it will help fade these ugly marks. There are a lot of pictures of people making masks out of the turmeric powder causing them and the bathroom to turn yellow so I definitely did not want to go that route. It still smells strongly of turmeric but I am fine with that.

I also think that I will start doing a round of at home lactic acid peels (55%) from Makeup Artist’s Choice. These are supposed to be good for hyperpigmentation. I have done them before but I would like to try again and go for a full eight weeks this time. Stay tuned for my progress with those!




Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream-My Review

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream-My Review

I think I mentioned in another post that I have terrible hyperpigmentation mainly due to acne but also from some skin picking that I used to do. I am not into wearing a lot of makeup but I do like the idea of putting on some foundation once in a while just to feel a little better about myself when going out. I found the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream a while back and wanted to give a review on it.

What is BB Cream?

BB cream stands for “Beauty Balm.” It is said to be a foundation, moisturizer and sunblock all in one. There are a lot of different ones available on market. They range in coverage from light to full. You can wear them alone or under foundation.

The Smashbox BB cream contains 35 SPF sunscreen. It comes in eight different shades and provides a medium coverage. It is also supposed to control oil . The reason it is called “Camera Ready” is because it is said to give a flawless look to your skin that photographs well. It costs around $40 depending on where you buy it from.

Did I like it?

I got the Smashbox BB cream in the dark color which is the darkest shade they offer. It matches my skin tone pretty well and has a nice feel to it. I do not like anything too thick feeling on my skin so this one is great in that regard. In terms of banishing oil, I must have extremely oily skin because it really did not do that good of a job for me.

I would say for me the coverage is pretty light. It does even out my skin tone a little bit but with all of the hyperpigmentation I have it just does not make that much of a difference. I am thinking that maybe I need to put concealer on underneath it to give me better coverage. Due to me being a makeup novice, I was hoping I could get by with just a foundation and not have to have a bunch of different products to cover my dark spots up. I guess that only works for people with clear skin.

I think I will continue looking at other BB creams to see if something works better for me.


Skin Problem: Severe Hyperpigmentation

Skin Problem: Severe Hyperpigmentation

I have had skin problems since the second half of my 5th grade year. Having to hear that it happens to all children who are going through puberty was rough due to the fact that very few of my peers had acne.

It was really bad for a long time. I have used many different treatments in order to get it under control. These include oral antibiotics, Retin-A (multiple times), salicylic acid, benzyl peroxide, Clindamycin, Differin, alpha hydroxy acids and spironolactone. The treatments helped only a little. Starting at about the age of 28, the amount of acne I got started lessening considerably. Currently, I only get a few pimples around the time my period starts. Not sure why this has occurred by I am certainly not going to complain.

Now that my acne is under better control, I am left with the aftermath called hyperpigmentation. This is when a blemish leaves a dark mark behind after it has healed. It is very common in darker skinned individuals and it is hard to treat (at least for me it is). I have scoured forums and articles about getting rid of these marks which has led me to try all sorts of products (chemical peels, acid serums, acid toners, hydroquinone etc). It seems like they have either just not worked due to them not being strong enough for my skin or they would actually work but take more time than I gave them. It is really frustrating.

I have been keeping my face routine simple these days and pretty much have accepted the fact that my skin will be crappy looking for the rest of my life. For “treatments”  I have started to use a homemade 5% niacinamide cream (supposed to be good for hyperpigmentation), a lactic acid serum (occasionally) and sunscreen every 2 hours. I am not going to get my hopes up about the 5% niacinamide cream that I made but I do have to say that it moisturizes my skin really well and leaves me with a glow.  I would highly recommend it to anyone into making their own products or to find a product on the market that contains it.

If you are interested in skin care and want to find good products I would highly suggest going over to https://www.makeupartistschoice.com/. They have so many products to choose from. Another good site is https://www.makeupalley.com. You can see reviews on products and decide if you want to try them or not.