Exercise/Nutrition During Pregnancy And A New Recipe

Exercise/Nutrition During Pregnancy And A New Recipe

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We all know that exercise is important for a healthy life. That means that when a woman is pregnant, they should still be exercising if they are able to. It will help in getting back into great shape after the pregnancy and dropping the pounds that were gained.

I know that in the first trimester (or for the entire pregnancy!) there can be mild to severe morning sickness or even Hyperemesis Gravidarum. In these cases I feel like finding the things that make one feel better is the more important than anything else.

When I was in my first trimester I had really bad evening (8:00 PM) sickness. Since that was the time that I was used to exercising, I had to adjust and try to exercise in the morning or earlier in the evening.

I was doing weight lifting until around 33 weeks and then I switched to body weight because I was getting uncomfortable. My belly really popped all of the sudden at 37 weeks and I felt like a complete whale.

I have seen women on social media showing themselves lifting weights at like 38 weeks pregnant. That is good for them but I would suggest for women to do what works for them and not feel bad if they do not feel comfortable enough to do that in the gym.

Nutrition during pregnancy

There is a big list of things to avoid eating as well as putting on your skin when you are pregnant. It is good to be aware of these things because you need to keep your baby and yourself from harm.

Admittedly, I did not follow the whole caffeine avoidance thing. I realize now that it could have really harmed my son and if I am ever pregnant again, I will try to give it up completely.  I just felt so incredibly tired and did not know how get any energy to work.

The cravings I had during pregnancy were banana bread and pizza. These are obviously not very healthy especially given the quantities I ate them in. I did manage to keep my weight gain at 25 pounds total for the whole pregnancy somehow. The OB/GYN scolded me for that even though it was within the recommendation range.

I do not think a women should feel ashamed if they gain more than the recommended 25-30 pounds during pregnancy. Even if a woman gains 150 pounds, they can still lose the weight after they give birth. It just might take some time and effort or it could even fall off quickly!

My new recipe

This has nothing to do with pregnancy but I decided to add it in the post.

I got up super early this morning and felt like baking for whatever reason. Homemade donuts sounded like a good thing to make for the family. There was some buttermilk in the refrigerator that was still good so I wanted to use that as my wet ingredient.

Since I am all about cooking with tea, I decided to put four Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea bags into one cup of the buttermilk. I let that steep for 30 minutes and squeezed out the bags afterwards to get more of the tea into it. I then poured it in my bowl with the other ingredients (one egg, flour, salt, baking powder, butter, sugars, almond extract and vanilla extract) that were already mixed together.

I put the dough in a donut pan and cooked it at 400 degrees for 11 minutes. The result looked like this:


Not quite donut-like but still wonderful! We can really taste the soft flavor of the tea in every bite. The texture of them is light and fluffy. I tried to make purple icing for them but it came out really bitter. It does not matter though because they are so great on their own.

My Pregnancy and Things For Morning/Evening/All Day Sickness

My Pregnancy and Things For Morning/Evening/All Day Sickness

My son is a miracle to me. I never thought I would be able to get pregnant due to having PCOS so when it happened I was beyond ecstatic. I sometimes look back and wonder how it happened. Was it my diet at the time? Was it the vitamins I was taking? Who knows. I am just glad it happened.

The first pregnancy symptom started when I was around 10 weeks. I would feel really sick in the evening (I still get this feeling at times in the evening even though I am not pregnant) and could not do much. It started getting worse after a while but oddly enough, I did not vomit from it. I was able to get Zofran from the doctor which helped along with ginger and sea sickness bands. At around 18 weeks the evening sickness went away.

Beyond 18 weeks I can honestly say that I did not have any other problems. I had a lot of energy and felt all around healthy. For this, I am very grateful. I hear about women having issues their entire pregnancy and I really feel for them. Although I did not have Hyperemesis Gravidarum, I sure hope that they find some kind of cure for it or something. I can not imagine having nausea that was significantly worse than what I had.

Since I still get evening sickness at times (no idea why) I have some things that I use to help me get through it. They would also help with actual pregnancy sickness. Here is a list of them:

  1. Nauzene Chew Tablets
  2. Peppermint essential oil (to smell)
  3. Meclizine tablets
  4. Tummy Tune Up (powerful probiotic)
  5. Ginger capsules
  6. Nauzene Liquid
  7. Vitamin B6
  8. Unisom
  9. Pink Stork Morning Sickness Spray
  10. Zofran
  11. Ginger candy

There are more products out there that help with nausea so you need to do your research on them.