That Time I Had A Gallstone

That Time I Had A Gallstone

It is incredibly disappointing that I have not found out how to treat my health issues yet. Last night I was really upset about this and I decided to ask myself, “when was the worst I ever felt?” I scrolled through the memories in my brain and then I found it. It was that time I had a gallstone!

What is a gallstone?

These are little hard stones that form in the gallbladder which is located on the right side of our bodies.  This can cause excruciatingly uncomfortable symptoms if the gallbladder becomes inflamed(Christian Nordqvist,

The symptoms that people can have include extreme pain under ribs on the right side, back pain and nausea. Treatment is necessary if experiencing these symptoms. Risk factors for getting gallstones include being overweight/obese,  having diabetes, being a female, consuming a lot of cholesterol and being over 60 years old (Macon, Nall, Yu,

How I think I got a gallstone

Around the time of me having the gallstone I had been trying to treat my PCOS with a variety of supplements that I had read about on forums. I was just knocking them back everyday because I was desperate to control my symptoms. I am not entirely sure what I was taking but I know it was too much.

In terms of diet, I also was not doing well. Way too much junk. I do not know how I expected to have any control over PCOS when I was eating the way I was.

So basically, these two things combined are what I believe to be the cause  of me getting one of these nasty buggers!

How it felt

This was the absolute worst pain I have ever felt in my life.  It was even worse than my labor contractions. The intense pain struck me like a thunder clap! I was on the floor screaming and crying at work.

My husband took me to the ER and I was there for a few hours. They gave me something called a “GI cocktail.” This is a disgusting, chalky “drink” that has a mix of things that are supposed to treat stomach issues. It was so hard to choke it down.

A while after I drank the cocktail, I began to feel a tiny bit better. I was sent on my way almost immediately after that admission to the doctor. When at home, I was out of commission for the next couple of days due to the pain I was still experiencing.

Moral of the story

Try to watch what you put in your mouth because it can lead to some bad consequences. I am not perfect with my diet but I do make an effort to watch what I eat more than I did before.

Also, I would encourage people to really research and be careful about supplements. Do not be like me and take a ton of stuff in hopes that it will lead to positive results. I would not wish my horrible experience on anyone else.


Have any of you ever had a gallstone before?

Daily Supplements

Daily Supplements

Ever since I got pregnant and gave birth, it seems as though my immune system is not as good and it is also harder to digest things. It could be partially due to getting older too. I have researched things that could help me with these problems and I started taking them a couple a months ago.  Here is a list of things I now take on a daily basis:

  1. Ginger capsules- I take these for digestion and gut health two times a day. I honestly feel like it is working.
  2. Tummy Tune Up- This is a probiotic and I use it for gut health.
  3. Colostrum- This is for my immune system.
  4. Emergen-C drink mix- This is for my immune system.
  5. 50 mg of vitamin B6- This is for nausea and PMS.
  6. Grape juice: I drink one cup of Welch’s 100% Grape Juice for gut and heart health.

Here is a list of what I have my son take everyday:

  1. One Tummy Tune Up
  2. 1 cup of Welch’s 100% Grape Juice
  3. Colostrum
  4. Elderberry gummies
  5. Multivitamin

I also came across articles about how healthy sauerkraut is so I decided to start making my own. I currently have three jars fermenting in a closet and it stinks really bad. Hopefully it turns out okay so that I can stop feeling like I have to buy probiotics (they are not cheap).



Supplements For Fitness and Calorie Cutting

Supplements For Fitness and Calorie Cutting

When it comes to supplements for fitness and calorie cutting, I have admittedly tried a few. This was mainly back when I had a really unhealthy mindset about my body. I would encourage people to just focus on their food intake and workouts instead of taking some of the supplements that are on the market. That being said, if you do want to take something that you feel will help you reach your goals, make sure you do your research. To be perfectly honest, I do still take a supplement stack for extra energy once in a while.

This is a list (I seem to have a lot of lists!) of things I have taken/still take:

  1. Hydroxycut(multiple ones)- These made me feel funny and a little bit nauseous. Did not experience anything good from them.
  2. Atrophex- This was a fat loss supplement that is now off the market. To be honest, this really did accelerate fat loss at the time and provided a mental boost.
  3. C4 Preworkout- This is a powdered drink mix to be taken 30 minutes before exercising. It did give me a lot of energy for my workouts but it also made me feel sick at times. The taste is terrible.
  4. Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts- This is a fat loss stack. I absolutely hated it because I had to swallow a bunch of “horse” pills two times a day. It also did nothing for me other than make me choke.
  5. Plain caffeine (coffee and pill form)- I still use this everyday like a lot of people in this world do.
  6. EC stack(caffeine with Bronkaid)- I still use this stack once in a while for an even bigger energy boost than caffeine alone.

So there you have it! I know some people are going to think I am terrible for having taken these things but it is what it is. I know the risks now. While I do not recommend a few of the things on the list, a person needs to decide for themselves what they will or will not take.