Workout Change Up and Health Issues

Workout Change Up and Health Issues

Hi all! It is getting closer to summer and I am super excited! I just wanted to post an update on a couple of things today.

Workout routine change

I said a while ago that I like to do workout routines for a certain amount of time and then pick a different one. Well I am excited that I finished the eight weeks of the upper/lower/HIIT routine! I was getting sick of it to be quite honest.

My new workout routine is going to be the War Room Strategies (my post about it:War Room Strategies). It is going to be tough but wonderful! Like I said in the other post, I highly recommend this routine.

Since it is getting so nice out where I live, I think I will start walking for an hour in the morning after my son goes to preschool. I just feel like I am sitting a little too much. 10,000 steps a day is what I am going for!

Health issues

The monthly flare ups I have of horrible gastric issues is really getting to me. It usually only happens during the fertile window of my cycle but now it seems to be happening whenever. I hate these flare ups so much because I am unable to have quality family time during them.

I was thinking that I might have endometriosis so I posted my flare up problem on a forum dedicated to that condition. The women told me that it sounds more like a hormonal thing that relates to my PCOS diagnosis.

I want to get my hormones tested again so I can maybe figure out what is going on. Birth control is something that doctors like to prescribe for PCOS symptoms but I really do not like the possible side effects of them. Maybe with the hormone level results the doctor would be able to find the birth control that would work the best and not give me a lot of side effects.

I just need some solution to this problem. Enough is enough.

My Least Favorite Lower Body Exercise

My Least Favorite Lower Body Exercise

We all have exercises that we dislike more than the other ones that we do.  The sense of dread might rise within when it is next in the workout routine or we are cursing to ourselves as we are doing it.

As one is doing the particular exercise, they could have the mindset that it will be over soon. This may power them to get through it mentally and physically.

If one really despises it, then they should assess if it truly needs to be part of their workout routine. An alternative exercise could be chosen since there are a lot of different types to choose from.

To have a healthy life and reach fitness goals a person needs to arrange their workouts so that it is at least tolerable for them. There are days where one might not want to work out at all but overall there should be enough interest in the routine that it can be done somewhat consistently.

I have to admit that overall, lower body workout days fill me with dread. As in, I really do not like that type of workout concentration. Upper body days are where it is at for me. That being said, I would never choose to not have lower body days in my workout routine because I know that they are important.

There is one lower body exercise that  will never be tolerable for me. Do you want to know what it is? Read on!

I hate them!

Ready? My least favorite lower body exercise is (drum roll please)…



Yes, that is right. I do not like doing these at all. No matter how much I try to force myself to like doing them, it never works. I have to just face that I will never like them.

Squats are seen as an essential exercise in lower body weight lifting. It is said to work the full body especially the butt, hips, thighs, quads, and hamstrings. It is also called a “functional exercise” as doing it helps in our everyday lives(

It seems to have become a popular thing in social media for the past few years. There are dozens of Pinterest pins and Instagram posts about doing squats to build a better booty. They usually include pictures of backsides that are considered to be the most aesthetically pleasing  for inspiration purposes.

In short, squats are wonderful for us! I still hate them regardless. There are a variety of different types of squats that can be done and I hate them all. I do put them into my lower body workout days but I am screaming inside my head during each set.

Doing squats feels so uncomfortable and strange to me. I have went over my form through videos and with a personal trainer to make sure I am doing them correctly. Unfortunately, it did not matter or make a difference. They just do not feel right to me. I hate them!

I will continue to do them anyways in order to keep a relatively nice booty on me. There will never be a day that I will like them though.

Are there any lower body exercises you dislike/hate/despise?


War Room Strategies

War Room Strategies

So I was cleaning out one of my closets and found a workout routine called War Room Strategies. I did this back in college in 2010 and I remember loving it. I am excited that I found it again!

The workout routine

The War Room Strategies workout plan is from T-Nation. this is a site that has a ton of articles related to fitness and nutrition. I am not entirely sure how I came across it back then but I am sure glad I did.

The author of the plan is Christian Thibaudeau. He is a bodybuilder and a strength training coach. His routine involves using different types of workouts during the week. He claims that doing this will maximize  fat loss while maintaining muscle mass. The workouts that he has you doing in the plan include heavy lifting, lactate inducing lifting, aerobic work and anaerobic alactic energy systems work.

Christian explains the science details behind his fat loss plan really well and it is interesting to read. Here is my summarization of the workouts below:

  1. Heavy lifting days (2)- One day is chest/back (day 1 of the workout week) and the other day is quads/hams (day 4 of the workout week). Each workout includes four exercises that you are to superset five to six times. You should lift heavy enough so that you can only do six to eight reps.
  2. Lactate inducing days (2)- These workouts are tough and burn a good amount of calories! They are done on day two and day six of your workout week. You are to perform two to three full body circuits that have five exercises. Each circuit is  done three times through without stopping. There are to be 12-20 reps per exercise.
  3.  Aerobic work (2)- This involves doing twenty to thirty minutes of steady state cardio after your two lactate inducing workouts.
  4. Anaerobic alactic energy systems work- This involves doing intense cardio after your chest/back workout. Christian suggests doing sprinting but I recall doing HIIT on the treadmill instead.

Is it worth doing?

Yes! I highly recommend it. Like I said before, I loved this workout routine. I decided that I will be doing this again starting in April. In terms of fat loss, as always it needs to be combined with  a great diet but I believe this plan really helps. I remember reaching my cutting goal fast with it.

Check it out!


Circuit Training: A Great Workout

Circuit Training: A Great Workout

Over the years I have had people tell me that they do not like weight lifting because they think they only burn calories and get a good workout doing cardio. I had to tell them in a nice way that they were wrong. Way wrong! I used to think this way too though.

For my first time in a weight room, I took a couple sheets of paper with me that detailed  an upper body circuit. I really did not know what I was doing but each exercise had pictures of a woman doing them so that helped. The good thing was that no one was there to stare at me with a judging look.

The circuit had me doing ten different upper body exercises back to back without stopping plus one minute of cardio. Let me tell you that this was killer! I was just coming off of being a cardio and DVD queen so this seemed like quite a change comparatively speaking. I was using weights heavier than the ones I had at home that went along with the DVDs and this made the cardio I chose to do (walking at a steep incline on the treadmill) at the end of the circuit even harder than it is if it were the only workout I was doing.

I forgot how many calories it said I burned on my heart monitor watch but I remember being very surprised. I was of the thought that a workout had to be really long in order for it to be effective. This is not true because that 25 minute workout was killer!  I found a lower body circuit to do during the week as well. For the cardio on that one, I  did jump squats with five pound dumbbells. If you have not tried weighted jump squats yet, you really should.

So all in all, this is another type of workout I would highly recommend. I still do my upper body weight lifting as a circuit  because I like it so much. It is a short workout but it is a quality workout which is really important.

As always, make your workout work for you!


Calorie and Exercise Plan

Calorie and Exercise Plan

In terms of calories, I am not sure exactly the number I have been consuming as of late. However, I know that it is way more than I need. My plan starting today is going to be 1500 calories a day with a carbohydrate intake of less than 100 grams. I will keep up with this for a while and go lower on the calories if need be. Never below 1200 calories of course.

When it comes to exercise, I will stay with my current workout routine for the next eight weeks and then switch it up.

*HIIT means High Intensity Interval Training*

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